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Mushroom 'B' Pickle - 400gm

INR 260.00 400 gms
Low on calories and delicious…it has the Indian spices and has Mushroom

Mushroom 'O' Pickle

INR 279.00 380 gms
Natural Home Made Pickle WIth No Added Colors And Preservatives

Mushroom 'B' Masala Pickle

INR 260.00 400 gms
With a tangy taste, it is a must for every pickle lover.

Mushroom Dry Powder

INR 200.00 per 100 grams
Our Oyster Mushrooms are harvested and dried when they are at peak flavour and then ground to a fine powder.

Dry Oyster

INR 180.00 per 100 grams
Use mushrooms in soups, sautés, sauces, stir-fries or in any dish calling for fresh mushrooms.

Fresh Oyster Mushroom

INR 180.00 per k.g
Our fresh white oyster mushrooms are small, satiny, white-hued mushrooms with white stems. They are more solid and flavorful than most other oyster varieties.

Fresh Button Mushroom

INR 150.00 per k.g
One of the most consumed products, fresh button mushrooms can be used in soups, salads, bakes and in a variety of other dishes, they help in boosting the immune system.

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